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2011-03-11 20:47:49 by vidiogamefreak

finally! my first vid!
It's called: My World As Magic
it's about a girl named Magic who is orphined when her house sets fire.meets the roommates and makes new freinds.all of the girls need 2 work 2gether 2 get adopted
its really a happy fun thing
btw my bff Sareba is voicing half of da ppls :3


but im 2 busy on my games like the "sims" and "just dance" 1 and 2!

i love music so much even more then vidiogames(no im not a nerd!) but family and freinds or Vary inporant to me too

my fav singer is pink!!!

just another day

2011-01-03 17:13:09 by vidiogamefreak

nothing intersesting......nothing u'd wanna know so........ya :P

i got the sims(1) a wii (agein lol) and a mp3 player(sweet) hope you got good things to!!!!!

it's almost christmas XD

2010-12-19 13:15:25 by vidiogamefreak

im soooooo excited,im as excited as..........................the christmas tree XD
arn't u excited i can't wait 2 be with my family

it's almost christmas XD

snow day 3 DAYS IN A ROW!!!

2010-12-08 08:14:00 by vidiogamefreak

omg the thered day of it being a snow day >.<
i don't like school but it passes the time away there the day and 3 days of not going (not incuding the weekend)
im soooooooooooooooo:( BORED


art girl

2010-12-06 14:06:26 by vidiogamefreak

you probily won't be seeing any vid's of mine cuz imma art girl ^_^ and mostly happy 2 :)