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my super hpt summe ris super hot...

hows your EXTREMLY hot summer going?

2011-07-03 13:29:35 by vidiogamefreak

my EXTREMLY hot summer going is hot

game 4 fun

2011-06-04 21:25:54 by vidiogamefreak

can u find 4 o's?:
01010101001010100100010101010101001010 10101001010100101010010010101010101010 1o010101010101010101010101010101010101 01010101010101010110010101010101010101 01010110101010101010010101010100101010 0101001o101010101010101010101010101010 1010o101010101001010101001010101010101 01001010110011010101011001011010011o10 1010101010101010

im 12 now...

2011-05-20 18:04:03 by vidiogamefreak

thursday was my birthday....


2011-05-08 08:11:35 by vidiogamefreak

i still want comments... just don't mock my cruddy spelling & grammar...

PLZ stop!

2011-04-24 10:05:05 by vidiogamefreak

my life is hard enufe( don't care if it's spelt wrong) my parents hate each other, my little brother has a freak when he's told 2 stop playing a game and my best freind & I r fighting! so ,PLZ leave. me. a.LOOONE!!!!!

leave me alone

2011-04-13 17:27:44 by vidiogamefreak

you know what? stop making fun of my grammer & spelling cuz im only 11! & btw my class is like a highschool. a place with girls oppsesed with being thin & boys oppsesed with sex


2011-04-09 11:31:20 by vidiogamefreak

do ppl really like my art? it's kinda sucky 2 me... it makes me happy 2 ppl like my art! it makes my day!

your going 2 hav 2 wait

2011-03-26 15:00:55 by vidiogamefreak

i hav't even started on the art on my movie yet! srry
im doing my art's kinda sucky

im making a vidio!!!!

2011-03-12 19:09:28 by vidiogamefreak

it gunna b my 1st vid!!!
it gunna b called my world as magic

im making a vidio!!!!