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im making a vidio!!!!

2011-03-12 19:09:28 by vidiogamefreak

it gunna b my 1st vid!!!
it gunna b called my world as magic

im making a vidio!!!!


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2011-03-12 20:30:26

ok cool

vidiogamefreak responds:



2011-03-19 17:36:35

wish I could help, but all im good for now is voice acting (better acting then in my own first show)
Anyways good luck and keep the world informed on your progress

vidiogamefreak responds:

if you want you could be mrs.heart the woman in


2011-03-20 09:11:19

good for you! ill be lookin out for it.
im obsessed with video games too.

vidiogamefreak responds: